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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

12:33 p.m. - I hate it when big "organisations" let you down.

I went for a swim yesterday. I was going to run but I couldn't face the prospect of running in the intense heat of the day (34 degrees) so I dived in my car, drove to the baths, got stamped in and got changed. This took up 15 minutes of my hour lunch break and the re-dressing and drive back to work takes off another 15 monutes, leaving me only 30 minutes to swim.

When I get into the pool the lifeguard tells me I have to wait 10 minutes for lane swimming to start because all the lifeguards are currently with kids groups and there's no one to supervise the public swimming. This is apparently on the programme but, honestly, I didn't check the programme on the internet before I left and if the woman on the desk had told me my rushed 30 minute swim would only be 20 minutes long, I really wouldn't have used up one of my $2.95 swim sessions on it. I would've had my rest day. Fortunately I was adequately entertained for 10 minutes by an instructor trying to get a little girl to put her full face under water. She was doing a very good job of trying to persuade the child it's not scary and had way more patience than me.

When I finally got wet, I managed to belt out 38 lengths with my 20 minutes so not too bad. Crawl is really hard work. My arms aren't so bad, it's my kicking legs really need work. They must be different muscles again from running and cycling muscles. I see now why they say Triathletes are the most ballanced of athletes.

Last night I got a call from Ironman Canada as I have volunteered to help on race day. They should have got in contact with me around July 15th but didn't because all my details have changed since then except my address and no one writes anymore now do they? It turns out that my job I did last year is no longer available - catching the athlete's bikes after their cycle ride. So I am on Traffic Control! FAN-F'Ing-Tastic. A six hour shift of dealing with grumpy motorists and idiot public. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE people - but "the public" are a different animal. "I'm sorry you can't possibly cross the road with your baby buggy, there's a group of 50 triathletes approaching on bikes at 30km per hour, please wait". The organiser reassured me that there would also be security on hand for those times when people don't listen to us! Oh ffffphew!

Oh well, hopefully I will be able to get a front-row "standing" position when local hero Tom Evans comes by to kick asses of all and sundry on his way to win again. I just hope I don't have to be facing the other way to stop the surge of the crowd down Main Street. Not all on my little own anyway.

Otherwise, prepare for the terror of tomorrow when I become.... wicked step mother from hell!

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