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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

3:47 p.m. - Social Diva me.

I got home from work, slept for half an hour to quell the exhaustion then ironed a dress!

In the normal world I wouldn’t have bothered but as most of my dresses have been crumpled up in a box for a year, I thought I’d better make an effort. Especially since this do was in honour of our American clients visiting their great neighbour.

Hubby introduced me to a seemingly nice couple but I spent the rest of the evening wondering how I could stand to listen any more to someone who complained about living in one of Canada’s most beautiful regions and classed herself as an “exiled Scot”. In my opinion, if you don’t like it, go home. (Don't get me wrong... I get on with most Scots).

We’re off out tonight in better company and with people from Hubby’s last employ in the old country.

Yesterday I “had an exchange” with a guy who was driving out of the gate at two minutes to lunch break.


Me: Would you go and do this job
Worker: I’m not doing that job the dust makes me sick.
Me: Fine. Returns later… here’s a dust mask. Now go do this job.
Worker: Those don’t work, I’m not doing that job.
Me: Fine… Returns later… Here’s a fine particulates NIOSH approved dust mask now go do this job.
Worker: You’re not hearing me, I’m not doing it and that’s that.

I should’ve suspended him at that point. I could’ve since we’d given him all the tools but now I have to go to the board and get them to say that.

Me: Why are you doing this? What are you trying to achieve? I don’t care if you win or not, I just want to have someone working for me who will do what I ask you to without arguing.
Worker: I don’t go for anything I know I can’t win…
I shall spare you more details…

The funny part is:-
a) I got him to do another shitty job he doesn’t enjoy just to stop me from having to suspend him. So I basically saved his own ass for him.
b) He came and parked outside my office at 9:03 to prove to me that he wasn’t leaving the site early. Only problem is, 9:00 isn’t lunchtime, it’s coffee time. I got the guy so mad he actually left the site, drove to MacD’s to get a burger, went home, put the TV on… then wondered why a different program was on TV.

Hello… Mister… It’s only your coffee break. He returned to work 15 minutes late.

I didn’t have the energy to rake him over the coals for it. I hope he just feels sufficiently dumbass to think twice before making a fool of himself next time!

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