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Thursday, July 28, 2005

3:48 p.m. - Jumping up and down clapping... again.

I am excited. This weekend is the village August Fayre. OK. It’s in July, but I’m proud to live in a village that so dispenses with formality and rules that it holds its August Fayre in July. Besides, it’s a long weekend so “Pardy-on” as they say in these parts.

Hubby and I will again be selflessly dedicating our valuable time and unbounding energy to the very generous and painstaking task of serving in the beer tent, along with our neighbours who will be collecting the cash that goes towards the Village Community Fund.

You should see us (the village) on Fayre day. We’re a sight to behold. See, normally, our little beach doesn’t get that full. It gets busy, but not FULL. On Fayre day, the sand is invisible. The umbrellas and beach towels resemble something from a Costa Del Sol nightmare and the marriner looks like a parking lot for all the pleasure craft that come to enjoy the stalls, the music, the climbing wall, bouncy castle, ugly-bug competition, dressed zucchini competition, the lapping waves and the beer (though skippers are supposed to keep to the OJ, I’m not sure how many really do).

Us, we do a round of the stalls then retreat to the beer tent – the only shady spot for the day - to serve alco-pops to villagers, neighbours and visitors alike. In the space of our two hour shift we gradually witness the deterioration of hand-eye co-ordination and clarity of speech as we see the same patrons returning time after time. Stuck in my memories from last year is a big biker dude complete with leathers & ZZ-top beard that took a particular fancy for peach cider. I certainly hope he had left his bike at a mate’s house and was planning to sleep off his excesses under a tree before tackling the twisty village road on his Harley.

We usually manage to swiff a few local beers from the owner of the Cannery Brewing Company, based in Penticton, it’s man-in-chief does live in Naramata and named his best ale, “Naramata Nut Brown” after the village. Not being skilled bartenders, we get to serve the alco-pops and water refreshments. I had to laugh at hubby last year who served the drinks for 30 minutes before realizing they were alcoholic. As for the water, the only people to ask for any were the band and they were told, “No” because they wanted it free and in a village where you can’t drink the stuff that comes out of the tap, water is more pricey to a man who spends his life brewing beer. What kind of a band asks for water before their performance anyway? One that performs at 2pm and has small children dressed in bathing suits and pink dresses dancing before them, I guess.

Blogger J.a.G. said...

Sounds fun, have a good time. I get to go to our areas agricultural celebration tomorrow, 'Agri Fair', unfortunately sans the beer.  

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