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Thursday, July 21, 2005

4:20 p.m. - A girl at my school

Shie was a snooty little madam at an early age. Shie’d probably admit it herself. I remember at primary school she looked over my shoulder and said, “Honestly Andrea. Are you still drawing people with no necks? Look their heads are attached straight onto their bodies”. I never was very good at art. Then Shie went on to tell me that I used my pencil too hard – “how was I to rub out those heavy lines on the page see – they’re still there even though you rubbed them out. Now your picture is a mess”. I was drawing a picture of me and my mum at a bike race with Dad and Alan. We had our big winter coats on so I figured we didn’t need any necks anyway and our arms were just brackets (( )) because we had our hands in our pockets. Shie was a ballerina and an actress. Shie was petite and small featured and made me feel tiny.

I can’t remember if it was 5th form or upper 6th (god-knows what that is in modern terms – GCSE’s and A’levels anyway – do they still have those? – I digress) but for some reason I had been drafted onto the athletics team for sports day. They didn’t have bike races so I dropped athletics as soon as I could – couldn’t run see? I volunteered to take on the high jump just because they couldn’t get anyone else and I was tall.

The games progressed and gradually girls dropped out one by one. The bar got higher and higher - a half a centimeter each time. It came down to the last three. We were competing for the medal places. There was me, a girl called Anna (?) who was big into athletics and Shie.

Shie cleared the bar just. Then the teacher, Mrs Ellis (I don’t think she’d got divorced and married Mr Finch at that point) told us that we were within a half centimeter of the Cheshire record (I’m guessing for junior athletics or something). Anna went next and Shie stood beside me waiting her turn. Anna cleared the bar again.

I was up. I was psyched out by this whole record thing. Excited and suddenly aware that I shouldn’t be able to do this. “Jees”, I said, or something like it. Shie just turned to me and said “Come on Andrea”, she whispered, “you can do it, you’re a strong cyclist, I’m just a whimpy ballerina”. I kind of liked Shie after that.

Just so you don’t ask (I can see you’re on the edge of your seat). Anna won and matched the record and I was second, 0.5cm below the Cheshire record. It’s my third biggest sporting achievement, though I didn't put that on my form for Sunday.

This whole thought process came around because I had to draw a picture. I have no scanner so I did it on the computer - hence there's no face, just the top of my pink swim cap. I realised I still draw people the same way I did when I was 6. I had to change this picture (with a bit of cutting and pasting) because the hands were in the pockets and as far as I remember the wetsuit doesn't have pockets. I also had no neck so I had to cut my head off and paste it back in with space for a neck. If you're going to psychoanalyse my picture of a pig I'd say I have a fairly positive body image which comes with being tall.

I guess I will never learn to draw though. (and I reduced the size of my feet)

Blogger J.a.G. said...

She redeemed herself with that comment. If people can make money off of paint splatters and urine in a box with a cow carcass I'm sure no necked figures could bring something in as well!
Big feet aren't bad (8-10)less popular size therefore more likely to be in the store if you get there right away. Mine are ginormous so no luck there for me ;)  

Blogger graculus said...

I'd like to comment but I just fell off my chair...  

Blogger Andrea said...

I'm glad I made you laff grump. Just a girl with big feet, I am with you, up there in the elevenses. Why can't these people get better stock control and realise that the world's feet are getting bigger? I say, they should be good for swimming and they stop me sinking into mud when I'm doing hard core off-roady stuff.  

Anonymous Silver Lining said...

Either your head's the wrong way round (pink swim cap?} or you have the oddest shoulder blades...


Blogger Andrea said...

It's the neck of my wetsuit and I'm looking down, wondering who stole my feet and gave me a new useless pair.  

Blogger J.a.G. said...

I hear Nordstrom in Seattle has a good selection for flipper feet. Tall Girl in Vancouver has shoes as well but a small selection and really, who wants to wear granny styled shoes? They need to make me feel good!  

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