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Friday, July 22, 2005

9:10 a.m. - Being tall and nearly from Whythenshaw

I saw a "purse" or "handbag" lying on the ground outside the office window today. Being from a ruff area, I recognised the sure signs of a bag-snatching and figured I'd go take a look see if there was anything in the purse. People who have their purses snatched are generally pretty grateful to get back their keys / drivers license / empty wallet / favourite lippy, even if the money from their purse has been stollen. I made sure the ladies in the office knew what I was doing so they didn't think I was just being cheap, picking up some dirty old purse.

Unfortunately there was no ID in the purse, just a spliff and a loonie (Canadian for their dollar coin). I gratefully accepted the loonie to add to my piggy bank and tossed the purse into the can, much to the amusement of the secretaries to whom I was explaining that us English peope know a thing or two about dealing with crime.

They're not totally green behind the ears though because I kind of liked the suggestion that I take the spliff and try and sell it in the plant for another loonie. Wouldn't be becoming of a safety officer now though would it?

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