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Thursday, July 21, 2005

11:15 a.m. - And on last night's news...

A Canadian teenager was cleared of Anti-American Terrorist crimes after threatening to blow up classmates at his new school. The prosecutors tried to lay new terrorist laws on him... Did it not occurr to any of these people that he might JUST be a screwed up kid that's pissed because his parents forced him to leave Canada?

For his troubles he gets "time" in a wilderness camp. Sounds like a good deal to me.

America is considering changing thte dates of daylight saving time to get more sunlight through the year. Canadians are asking if we will consider / be forced to change too, to avoid confusion at border crossing and in business transactions. I'm sorry, we're talking about a country with 7 different time zones - one of which is a half-hour out from the others. So where's the problem with us being out of sync with the US? Southern areas of the US have plenty of daylight to play with but at the extremes, the new hours would put some canadian cities in the dark till 9:15 am. Daylight saving time is decided by the provinces which could really result in problems as different provinces decide to change over to daylight savings time on different days.

Watching the sunrise from your office? It's not a good thing for us early birds.

Security services found an underground secret tunnel yesterday from a greenhouse in Canada under the border to a disused house in the US. They have arrested several people in relation to the tunnel and are investigating further. Police think it has been dug by bad people smuggling drugs over the border.

I think it has been dug by Americans trying to escape the Bush regime.

Say the following words with a broad texan accent: "Terrorist", "Tourist". If you get it right, both are pronounced, "trr/rrst".

And you wonder where the problems arrise?

Disclaimer: I am not anti-American. So far I have enjoyed the company of all American individuals I have had the pleasure to meet and I suspect they all would see eye to eye with me on the issues discussed above, except maybe the time thing because if I lived in California, I'd want to enjoy more daylight hours too.

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