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Friday, June 17, 2005

12:56 p.m. - Whenever, Wherever

I was driving home last night and turning slowly out of a side road. On the radio, Shakira was singing "Whenever, wherever" (or something like that - What EVER) which is a pretty jazzy, spanishy, rumba-rey kind of tune with good guitar and sharp .. pauses in it.

The guy driving towards me on the other side of the road was having a GOOD driver dance. At the pause .. he

Struck the pose - vogue style (both hands off the wheel).
Turned his head - whoosh
Slid his upper body sideways - cocked his hip
Threw his head back - yah!
Then took hold of the wheel again and carried on jiggling.


Get on down.

Freak-out! Doop doop. Doop doop. Doop doop.

Wonderful to see.

More men should show their feminine style behind the wheel.

Anonymous Silver lining said...

I'd bet money he's gay.

I love the bit in Whenever Wherever where she says

"Lucky that my tits are small and humble so you can't mistake them for mountains".

It's become my anthem...  

Blogger Andrea said...

Gillespie always used to say, "More than a handful and you risk straining a thumb".  

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