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Exciteable descriptions of a new life living in "The Best Place on Earth". The new template is more basic, more classy, tidier... so totally not me! 

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

11:47 a.m. - We created a monster

When we went away to Mt.E for the weekend, we left the cat with a sink full of water to drink. Now she won't drink from her bowl and appears at my feet meowing every time I go to clean my teeth.

Blogger Lauren said...

What a cutie  

Blogger graculus said...

can she pee in the bowl like mr. jinx??  

Blogger Andrea said...

No but she does sometimes drink from that too so you have to be careful to flush or close the lid.  

Blogger J.a.G. said...

I had a cat that did that as well. She also like to sit on the 'rounded' edge of the claw foot tub while someone bathed- suddenly what was supposed to be relaxing was not so relaxing. All you thought about was being clawed to death if she fell in.  

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