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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

11:09 a.m. - Slacking

Today I had lunch at 10:00. It’s usually at 11, since I start work at 7 but today I went into town to buy some cards during my 9am morning coffee break. I went to support my local shops on Front street instead of going to a big store but they were closed at 9:05am! Does this entitle them to complain about losing custom to big stores?

I went to the Post office next because they have good cards anyway and I found some really good ones and posted the one to my dad.

Then I thought I’d quickly buy lunch at the drivethrough so I can eat at lunchtime whilst I work back the time but I forgot that Wendys doesn’t open until 11am. Which is good because then kids can’t buy burgers at 10 am but all I wanted was an honest hearty salad! That meant I had to stand in line in Safeways and of course I got behind the woman who couldn’t find her club card and then the till receipt roll got all messed up.

After all that, every light on the way back to the office was red but I don’t care. I have already eaten my crudités and ranch dip from Safeway because it looked yummy and I couldn’t ignore it and I now feel holy and great because of it.

We got a post card yesterday from mother in law who’s back in Blighty playing on her bike and hiking with the Congleton Ramblers (she’s 63 and still kicking ass). She also lost her filo fax which explains why she hasn’t called or written for a while. If I don’t get in touch with her soon she’s likely to turn up unannounced on our doorstep, which is fine, but alarming since we’re planning a trip to see her in sunny Spain in September.

Tonight is the great shopping trip to stock up for the weekend with yummy yummy food then its home to cook the first dinner that hasn’t actually been ready 24 hours in advance. Damn I’m slacking on my domestic goddess karma already but at least the dishes are done.

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