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Exciteable descriptions of a new life living in "The Best Place on Earth". The new template is more basic, more classy, tidier... so totally not me! 

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

12:55 p.m. -

On the weekend I gardened some more. Most of my seedlings are now either potted or growing in the flower beds where they are struggling not to be eaten by the snails that are flocking to the only damp area of the garden. This week I have to get the last of the tomatoes in or watch them die. Only 50 to plant! Yikes! I was so in love with my new kitchen that on Sunday night I cooked dinner, made Monday's dinner (home-made buffalow burgers) and had enough mixture left over for tonight - buffalow manicotti! Well, the manicotti needed using up. I just think it highly amuzing that I have managed to compact such a big animal into a 1 inch diameter tube of pasta.

I'm glad I'm ahead because the plants are not going to get planted this weekend. It’s the big trip. In the meantime I have to send something Fathersdaysey to dad and buy some supplies. The important camping trip stuff like morning fry ups in a foil bag and cakes for the top of the mountain. I have to dig out stuff like sunscreen. At least we found hubby’s second crampon – and I have all my gear on hand now. The usual suspects – the arctic expedition down coat, goretex mits, big wooly hat and neckwarmer. Flask for tea

We will be offroad vehicling part to access the mountain. Someone has to bring a chainsaw in case we need to clear tree debris from the trail. There are some water splashes en route. Someone made it in a Honda SUV last year so I think the Toad will be OK. Actually I think the Toad will be adored and stroked in awe and wonder and expect that we will be the most comfortable people on the trip. There are days when she pays for herself, she really does.

Yesterday I managed to run 5.94 km with only two walk rests and it threw it down on the way back so we were having wet tee shirt competitions at the shipping department. I was winning although (self-confessed) fatty Dave gave me a run for my money.

Last night I worked on a drawing at work till 6pm, so today I am outta here early and heading for the store to get me some dadsy thing to send to England. Fingers crossed it gets there quick!.

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