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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

1:01 p.m. - Near Drowning in City Pool

Well... at lunch I swam 1.5km in 40 minutes.

Number of attempted lengths in crawl - 32
Number of successful lengths in crawl - 2
Number of collisions - 3
Number of conversations to appologise for steering failure - 2
Number of lost gold lockets - 1
Number of refound gold lockets - 1
Number of broken gold chains - 1
Cross-velocity of pool being refilled with water evacuated by my swimming technique- 1cm/sec
Force of goggles stuck to my face to prevent them filling with water - 20 Nm
Number of un-attractive circles around my eyes from goggle suction - 3
Number of very polite people I've talked to since who haven't commented on goggle rings - 7.

A very fit man foolishly decided to come and share my lane instead of any of the other fast lanes occupied by more competant fast swimmers (I was only in the fast lane because it was empty and the medium lane was full of elderly people that my swimming should not be inflicted upon). He proceded to plough up and down avoiding near-misses with me on a regular basis. I couldn't help thinking he was annoyed by the chosen proximity to me as he turned around at the ends. But I refused to be moved from the lane. I was there first and I deserve to start learning. He was obviously scared by my obvious incompetance and the fact that with that, I could almost keep up to his pace.

I broke the back of trying to develop myself a rhythm and concluded that I'm not going to find one easily. Anything from 2 to 6 strokes per breath seemed to have the same disasterous disorientation followed by choking effect. I convinced myself I did the right thing booking the lesson at lest.

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