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Exciteable descriptions of a new life living in "The Best Place on Earth". The new template is more basic, more classy, tidier... so totally not me! 

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Friday, May 06, 2005

8:32 AM - Went out for dinner last night

To celebrate the fact that we won. The WWE has been called to heel again by our lovely public service employees of Canada.

Blogger graculus said...

Good for you. Back here in blighty, nothing so grand to celibrate. I fyou read the news you'll know. Bring back maggie, thats what I say!  

Blogger Andrea said...

I know, I saw. Not to get politically posted, but when we thought about who was running the Ts we didn't know. Then we began to wish that they had a strong leader again and couldn't think of anyone since the Iron Bag Lady. Strong's one thing. Insane is another. Mind you, they need her over here to sort out the unions.  

Anonymous Silver Lining said...

Good grief, the pair of you.

That's all I'm saying.  

Blogger graculus said...

Ah. So young. SL won't be able the fantastic job Mags did with the miners then. Or that war over the 'flaklands'. Otherwise she'd see that the return of that demi goddess would put the willies into 'idiot blair'.  

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