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Friday, May 27, 2005

12:03 p.m. - Up hill and down dale

5.43km (but probably not) in 38:11. All off-road except for 10 m from gate to footpath. Enjoying running longer distances and discovering more trails. Buildig quite a repertoire here. Found a big hill and ran half way up it but it was more hopping from foot to foot than running as not much upward progress was being made so I walked it. Saw a beautiful hawk / eagle thing that I will look-up later. It was hunting about 8 m above my head and had a very red tail. Its wingspan was about 3ft.

Knackered now.

Must run with camera in future.

Blogger rusvw said...

I always do my exploring pre-dawn so I can catch the hawks and the deer a little off-guard. I find that any time after 8 a.m., and they've all called it a day b/c Man and his heavy foot make their world a little too unsettled. Looking forward to hearing what type of hawk you may have seen....

rus vw
p.s. thanks for stopping by the daffodil quill. :)  

Blogger Andrea said...

Shucks, I keep doing this! It was a red-tailed hawk. How exciting is that? If you're not impressed, Buteo jamaicensis is it's tech name.  

Blogger Andrea said...

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