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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

8:28 a.m. - No pain no gain?

Last night when I got home from work I lay on the floor on the gallery
and fell asleep on my thermarest. I was so tired. All the muscles down
the outsides of my knees were very sore but that's good because they're
developing. This morning I got changed twice as I wasn't sure whether
to run or not. I have my running gear on now but I'm still not sure.
The pain has eased now that I have put my new feet on (I was wearing my
old ones yesterday) as it seems the sore muscles are being held up by my
new feet.

The cat has developed a fun game with thermarests (a camping mattress
with a honeycombed centre which can be squished into a small roll or
automatically expands to inflate when the valve is opened). Ours are
stored un-rolled in an inflated state with the valve open so they don't
go mouldy inside. The cat runs up to the thermarest, takes a flying
leap onto it so it goes "psshhhhhht" when she lands. Then she gets
excited about where the noise came from and attacks the valve.
Unfortunately sharp claws are not good for thermarests so we had to put
a quick stop to the game.

More amusing was when we were sat in the bath at the last house and the
cat was wandering up and down the side of the bath tub. Hubby breathed
in deep then suddenly and forcefully blew at the cat's a**hole. Not
surprisingly, that surprised the cat who leapt from the bath so quickly
that she didn't really have chance to fully extend her leap and kind of
jumped in a partially compressed state. Which is why we laughed so hard
when she hit the bathroom cabinet head-on.

We were reminded of this last night when he tried it again from the back
of the couch but it's never had the same effect. Could it be that ever
since that day in the bath the cat has been wary of Hubby when he's
sitting behind her? I know the feeling but are cats really that clever?

4.26km of pain in 30:22mins. 5 running 1.5 walking to go easy on my legs. The new deal with the boss is I can flex working late against a lunch break and have 1 hour lunches if I choose. So today I got to stretch after my run and I feel much better. Shame I also feel very inflexible again.

Anonymous franchini said...

Cats are very funny and good for teasing. Mine (no longer with us, sadly) fell in the bath once. I laughed I'm afraid.  

Anonymous Silver Lining said...

One of mine bites the end of your nose when he wants affection. I'll send him over for your hubby to take care of, if you like - it's the attack cat!

Good running - it's all coming back to you remarkably quickly :-)  

Blogger Andrea said...

I'd love to have Charlie (on-line name) but feel Slaughterpuss might be a little over-awed. Her brother - Clawed (god rest his soul) - was playful but not THAT playful.  

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