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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

10:30 a.m. - My right foot is Kr@p

Yesterday I walked about 10 miles, running all over the plant sending our employees for their anual hearing test and about 26 of them, including me, had an orthotics examination to see if we would benefit from orthopedic insoles. I felt good for putting in the mileage for my employees even if some of them were less than grateful. I felt good that, despite having to admit to my father's childhood hearing loss (bike cr@sh I think), my hearing is damn near perfect, with top scores in every tone except 2. Which only dropped a point.

My feet on the other hand, I have definately inherited from my dad. My right foot pronates, it rolls inwards, which causes my knee problems and hip problems in the right leg. Also, the big toe knuckle does not seem to be connected to anything so it flops out of the way when I walk and leaves me to walk on my second toe, explaining why the "ball" of my foot is in the wrong place. Apparently these new insoles I will get will stop me getting arthritis in my knees and hips. Hurragh. I hope they work - they should do for $350. I also get it all free on my company health plan. Hurragh for work!

Anonymous franchini said...

Hi. Thank you for visiting me earlier. My feet are awful. I have a really prominent stuck out big toe joint on my bigger foot (probably due to years of wearing badly fitting shoes). Lucky you for getting that kind of health provision - working life sounds good in Canada. I'm off out for my very short run, having had a day of restyesterday. Doesn't that sound like athletic talk already. I hope you are right about how much easier it gets - I'm doubtful..  

Blogger Andrea said...

I was once like you franchini. I always rode a bike but couldn't run to save my life then a friend persuaded me to do the "run for life" in Birmingham. I stuck to their training schedule and made it. I too am bad for hitting the 5km wall, feeling pleased for myself then stopping. Somehow every time I start again I expect it to be as easy but it's not. Damn effort.  

Anonymous Silver Lining said...

The other A told me the ratio at which you lose CV:muscle fitness. I can't remember it, of course, but CV goes at an alarming rate. If I take 4 or 5 days off, I set myself back a *long* way...

My feet are hideous. Knobbly, and hairy and arthritic. Well maybe not *quite* that bad, or I'd be a hobbit. But close.  

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