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Monday, May 30, 2005

1:38 p.m. - Me not quite getting the idea of taking it easy

Let's start with my legs really hurt yesterday evening. Today my run
felt slow like I was throwing lead-weights around. Granted there was a
head wind. As last time I went along the river channel, (the poo-chute
as we locals call it) I cruised past the Tim Hortons Toasted Chicken Sub
sign and decided to extend my run to the 40 mins I did on Friday.

Problem is, when I got to 18 minutes I could see the end of the channel
pathway and the road bridge over the river and I thought, "Now I can
calibrate my pedometer because it will be easy to work out how far it is
to that bridge". SO I kept going... and going... and going. Turns out
the bridge wasn't that close after all. And what I had seen was the
carpark gate and the bridge was a whole 300 m beyond. I think cycling
has caused me to underestimate running distances.

I turned around after 23:30 mins and started back to the plant.
Fortunately the tail wind blew me back and I was at my desk with 15
minutes to get into some dry clothes before starting work again. The
pedometer said 6.33km. Multimap says 9.68km. I don't believe either.
Will measure it on the trail map tonight.

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