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Monday, May 09, 2005

7:16 a.m. - It wouldn't work in England

Today, at 6:30 am (and it's not just me that's driving to work at that time) the city closed half of the road in 4 places so that they could re-paint the pedestrian crossings.

At first I looked at the line of cones across my half of the road from the traffic lights and wondered if the road was closed completely but there were no signs telling me so. So I continued through on my green light and stopped at the cones to let oncoming traffic through. Then I was allowed through by the next oncoming driver, drove around the cones and stopped to return the favour for the next oncoming vehicle who waved to me as he passed.

Four way stops: The rules are, you stop and if you're there first you go. Otherwise, you wait your turn. This would not work in England because: a) Boy-racers would go through without stopping; b) people who went out of turn would get run into by people whose turn it is just to prove that the person who went was wrong; c) old ladies would sit and wait for eachother to go regardless of whether it's their turn or not; d) pedestrians who have over-all right of way would never get a look-in.

Blogger graculus said...

It would work on Jersey (small island - english channel) AS LONG AS YOU WERE DRIVING a Jersey car. Let me explain. The reg plates in Jersey all start with the letter J. Then a number - like J34567. The hire cars (ie : tourists) all have a big red H infront of the J. So it becomes H-J76543. Jersey drivers don't like these cars. They are driven by rude inconsiderate drivers from overseas. So they cut them up, block them, and make life difficult. But other then 'H' plates, it would probably work well on Jersey  

Blogger Andrea said...

Oh they have that here too - Washington plates. Easy.  

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