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Saturday, May 07, 2005

8:38 a.m. - Hairy Cabbage

On Saturday I lived up to this promise and began to lay the stones into the trench I dug around the edge of the garden (for non gardeners - this is to stop the weeds spreading into the garden and the grass spreading into the flower beds). You can buy plastic edging that you bash into the ground but it looks Kr@p and there’s too many rocks in our garden so I trenched a 4” deep hole around the lawn, put weed prevention carpet down and am now backfilling with the rocks that I dug out of the lawn in the winter because I really can’t face filling it with bought-stuff when the river rocks from the garden are free. This whole process involved carrying bags of rocks around all day and in the searing 25 degree heat had me bushed by 4pm. However, it was nice, listening to the burbling creek and fussing the cat who was being extraordinarily affectionate.

I also moved the hairy cabbage (I hope I don’t get any freaky hits like Silver here). I don’t know what the plant is but it looks like a cabbage and it’s hairy so that’s its name now.

Lets say Latin: Croutus Fluffus.

Anyway, it’s been growing on top of a mound of earth that was the original topsoil of the lot and we have been gradually undermining it as we return the earth to its proper place. The time came for me to move the hairy cabbage or lose it so I carefully dug a big hole and then gently loosened the long roots of the hairy cabbage. The cabbage was delicately put in its new hole, pushing the soil in with it to back fill. I left a shallow pit around its base and poured fresh village water into the hole, letting it soalk into the new location. I went for lunch and the cabbage flopped over and died. Like that. Dead. Gone. Caput.

Maybe it’s a good job I didn’t go into the family business. What did I do wrong!!! OK, it could be the desert plant did not like my watering. Or it could be the water - they say it does strange things to the people who drink it so maybe the cabage couldn't hack it. Oh well, hoping for a speedy recovery today.

Anonymous Silver Lining said...

Aha!! So *that*'s how you stop the weeds coming into your flowerbeds. I did wonder...

Fingers crossed for reincarnated cabbage today!

Oh, and Mr Jennic was telling me about £85 flights to canada. If PH takes the kids off my hands for a week, you might just get a visitor...  

Blogger Andrea said...

See emails about a visitn(v. welcome) but bear in mind transfer costs unless you travel on a weekend and I'll come getcha.  

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