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Exciteable descriptions of a new life living in "The Best Place on Earth". The new template is more basic, more classy, tidier... so totally not me! 

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Friday, May 13, 2005

4:54 p.m. -

Going back to the plant

(c) Andy Click on photo for a larger image

Anonymous franchini said...

Amazing hills in the background - are they good for climbing? My husband and I used to have a week in March and another in September walking up the fells in the Lake District. We haven't been since we had the first child but thinking of going next year. They are all quite stoic walkers, especially my lad.  

Anonymous Silver Lining said...

We had my hen weekend in the lake district, didn't we Trepid?? We used to do good climbing in Wasdale. In fact, my reputation was lost on a route on Scafell Pike... I'm living it down to this day!  

Blogger Andrea said...

We haven't really done much climbing here yet. The hills you see are in the Indian Reserve so are probably pretty protected. We've mostly been exploring our own back yard where there's the lovely Kettle Valley Railway - a nice 3% grade that wanders through the hillside and crosses some spectactular gulleys with trestle bridges.

Silver's cussing in the Lakes is indeed legendary, as is her puking in the tent on the day after her hen night when 20 dubious mountaineers huddled under a tarp in the rain and those getting up to go out for a pee doused rainwater all over the people sitting on the edges. I seem to remember she was too poorly even for a trip to Selafield.

Those were the days of long rest-stops just hiking on the way up the hill. And just look at her now!

Wasdale etc. is just one of the things I miss most about the Y-UK. Though I don't miss the pissed teenagers who just come to get laid and drink beer.  

Blogger Andrea said...

The pissed adults i can cope with though.  

Anonymous Silver Lining said...

Ah yes! I was young and unfit and even then crap at alcohol :)  

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