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Thursday, May 12, 2005

8:25 a.m. - Feet and the surfaces they walk upon

Number of tiles laid in our house yesterday: 0
Number of square feet of wood flooring laid: 0
Number of promises broken by builder: 2

We’ve decided he’s still doing dope so just forgets what he’s said. Note to self – must check the house for squareness.

I enjoyed my run so much yesterday I have decided to go for the Ironman in 2006. 2005 was never going to work out – what with not having a house to live in. It’s not really decided 100% until I pay up the cash in August this year – and it’s a lot of money. What with an entire field hospital on site for the race, it’s kinda costly.

I also have to get past the barrier of the completely disinterested husband and I think that might be just as much of a struggle as doing the race itself. First though, I think I’ll work on convincing myself (and him) that I’m a long distance runner before I commit any money. Effort only for now. Then there is the Peach City Triathlon in July

Which why it’s a good job my new feet are arriving today.

PS. If you look at the Ironman website, don't forget to look at the scenery alongside the lovely bodies and when you're looking at the finishing line shots, don't forget that those times are in hours.

Anonymous franchini said...

I can't quite get my head round fitting all that into 12 hours. The people in those photos looked quite human as well. I am amazed by these endurance races. My brother is really into this kind of thing. He did a marathon in the Himalayas and the 5 or 6 day marathons des sables in Morocco a few years ago. He comes back from these events looking like he's just run back from the shops. I haven't even told him I've started running. Good on you anyway. Iron Man looks amazing.  

Anonymous Silver Lining said...

Sheesh. I always knew you were mad. But really! I'm going to run 5k and 10k competitively next year. Just on my own, but competitively. But first I need to find a track in Warwickshire :)  

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