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Exciteable descriptions of a new life living in "The Best Place on Earth". The new template is more basic, more classy, tidier... so totally not me! 

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Friday, May 06, 2005

4:01 PM - Feeling artistic.

Maybe its the engineer draining away. Last night I got out my tenor recorder and some music I downloaded off the internet. To my delight I can still read music. Although a little slowly and rustily and I still learn by repetition rather than actually reading the music. However, the piece of music still sounds something like a tune. Even though its no tune I have heard before so I suppose that's a start.

Now that I'm "into" it I downloaded and printed some more. There's a lot of free music on the internet.

And this weekend I might write. So eventually, at some time, there might be a close encounter of our Canadian travels coming to a website near you. Illustrated of course - but that would mean finding the photos hidden away in cardboard boxes. Ahem.

Oh and now I know what's happening to my body I daren't run without my new insoles in and I really can't get up early enough to get on the bike right now.

Hopefully tonight, all our floors will be down. I need to go home, sit cross legged on the deck and play some more music.

Poor hubby. Poor cat.

Anonymous Silver Lining said...

LOL! Did hubby and the cat get free hearing tests too? I hope you're enjoying your recorder :) Perhaps I should unearth my flute... we could have a transatlantic interweb orchestra thingy!  

Anonymous franchini said...

You've broght back awful memories for me of trying to learn the recorder. I went to an all girls grammar in Macclesfield and we had a very severe elderly music teacher. I think I never learnt to read music or play the recorder through terror of this woman. I used to sit right at the back of the class and keep my recorder well below the level of the desk so she (Mrs Biddell, I think) couldn't see that I was doing nothing with my fingers. Thinking back, many of our teachers were very traditional school-mistressy. Mrs Biddell though...still makes me shudder.  

Anonymous Phoenix said...

I'm sure it'll all come flooding back to you. My eldest was doing quite well on her recorder, all by herself the other day - just by ear, though redaing music hasn't come into her life really.

can my violin join this transatlantic interweb orchestra thingy?  

Blogger Andrea said...

OK I tried playing upstairs in the house because it has fantastic acoustics - being a cathederal ceiling - but I was so bad I had to go out and sit on the deck and play to our obnoxious neighbours, leaving hubby and cat to watch The Pianist on TV. The neighbours deserve that kind of treatment anyway.  

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