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Friday, May 20, 2005

7:18 a.m. - Fathers day

I had a dream this morning – in about 10 minutes I managed to snooze-dream the following:

I was driving in a car with Susannah wearing my pyjamas when I suddenly realized it was Dan and Becky’s wedding day. We drove to the venue and I rummaged around in the suitcase in the back of the car and found two dresses. I wasn’t sure which one would fit so I took them both inside to get changed. (For some reason I was already wearing strappy shoes with my pyjamas). We went upstairs and found the toilets. There were plenty of people milling around downstairs so we figured we had plenty of time. Susannah held the door closed as there was no lock. The toilets were the ones at our local pub in the village here. I put on the black dress and proceeded to untangle about 30 necklaces that I was wearing so that I could just wear my simple bell necklace that I wore for my wedding day.

The dress seemed to fit OK but when I got out of the cubicle my boobs grew and were showing too much at the neck line to be appropriate for a wedding then the button popped off so I had to change into a pale green dress (which went better with the shoes anyway).

We then had to pick our way down a wrought iron spiral staircase in heels! When we got downstairs everyone had gone and we had missed the wedding.

We went outside into the garden and only Becky’s Greek (!) family were left so we sat down with them to play cards and smoke cigars in the moonlight.

I have no idea where this came from but with the paranoia of missing celebrations I thought that I should probably look up when UK fathers day is and found this amusing article.

Blogger Silver Lining said...

Well now there's an ettiquette dilemma; should *I* do father's day cards? Or should I leave it to the TobyJug to organise them? I suppose I probably ought, for the kids' sake, but I shall resent it...  

Blogger Andrea said...

You SHOULD. Stepson is never encouraged to do any of that and its sad for him. No matter how hard it is to do, no-one can resent YOU for not making the effort. I took him out to buy us numbers for the house for hubby's belated fathers day/birthday and he enjoyed picking the numbers.

Add it to your Great Person That I Am File.

When your children are old enough to understand what happened they will respect you more for it  

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