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Thursday, May 19, 2005

2:49 p.m. - Excitement in Sleepy Little Town

As I walked across to the office yesterday I noticed a lot of sirens and
looked to the traffic lights to see a jumble of cars and flashing
One in particular car was a gold MPV, mounted on the central reservation
with a roadsign imbedded in the hood. Then I saw the men running.
Two of them came running in my direction then thankfully turned off to
head along the side of the river. Moments later, one came back and I
noticed he was a policeman wearing a flack jacket. An unmarked car
arrived and headed off down the river channel pathway (it's a bit like
the Mersey through Didsbury) then the guy who'd gone off down the
riverbed on the East side reappeared on the West side and continued
running (along my jogging path!). The loony must have swum across the
river. Next a great big black SUV appeared with flashing lights and
three grinning coppers in it as they wildly flung the SUV down the bank
and onto the river trail. TOYYYYY!
I heard this morning on the radio that the crim' jumped back in the
river and tried to get away by swimming on the current. They had to
"rescue" him using police dogs - and no doubt a loaded gun or two.
He might've been a drug dealer but I feel sorry for him that he's too
dense to notice that the river was full of spring meltwater the first
time he jumped in. Maybe he was too high to think it was cold?

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