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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

5:24 p.m. - Christmas is a comin’, Christmas is a comin’

Yesterday I sat down with one of my bosses and told him what I do. Then he went to talk to the big boss about what I do. Then I sat on the bench outside the office with the big boss and he said first of all:

“You can’t be missing your mum anymore Andrea, because you work with her”. It’s almost true, my office-mate and colleague Dave is like everyone’s mother. Except my mother’s cooler than most mothers so it doesn’t really wash here. Dave’s OK though and I seem to get on with him better than most people. Maybe its because I’m a snob just like him or maybe I just rise above him when he’s being mother-hen.

Second big boss said:

“Has little boss spoken with you?” (yes) “We are going to re-evaluate your job and we’ll let you know what the change to your salary will be”. He did threaten that it would go down but I hope he was joking.

Today, little boss (who’s not so little but is not the big boss) asked me to add more to my workload, managing the resaw and trim lines that feed all the wood into the plant. It’s a bit scary really. I never should have proposed the change as part of the ISO process but I didn’t think it would land on my desk! Still, I am hoping that this results in a big boost to my already reasonably satisfactory salary. Not bad for sitting blogging, watching the forklifts drive in formation around my rather pretty yard here and going for nice short runs at lunchtime.

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