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Friday, April 29, 2005

12:39 p.m. - Today I'm wearing Emily's bra.

On the day before my wedding, I ran around the house tying ribbons to boxes, and balloons and taking to the florist and the photographer. We also went out in the toaster to pick up the “cake” and rehearse walking down stairs and things like that. Pleasantly, my future mother-in-law showed up to check out the joint and get a cup of tea whilst she was out on her bike and she got to play at being my dad for a while (though I had to compensate for the change in height).

In the evening I was running around giving out instructions. Telling my future stepson to be good for his dad and do as much for himself as he could, which at that age he was able to manage. Eventually, an hour later than planned I left the house with my bag to meet all my mates from Uni in the pub for a drink which turned out to be a soft one because I could manage nothing else. I left them there a short while later to drag my fiancée to the pub instead.

Next I went to my mum and dad’s to make sure my dad had his suit and to see Emily for the first time in 10 years.

Emily and her family were in the middle of a great Pearce barney. Emily’s investment in a new frock for my do had turned into a disaster. The frock was see-through which, although attractive, was a little unnecessary for a wedding especially as she planned to go bra-less. They were just discussing whether there was still and M&S in town after all these years? Could they get there at 8am and still make the wedding on time? Should they get one where the wedding is? Could they? What was in Xbach? After all these years and Emily was still getting over the shock of her mum having bought her one of those obnoxious-looking stick-on things. I think it was even American Tan coloured.

Fortunately, like the sisters we are (only children will adopt any siblings they can get their hands on), Emily and I were about the same size. At least I was the same size as her after the stress-induced diet of organizing a wedding. So she had a choice of two of the three bras I bought to wear under my wedding dress (well every time I bought one I found one two weeks later with better oomph and when I wear a strapless dress I need all the oomph I can get!).

She picked out the best fitting one and it looked really pretty on her – we all know because we could all see it. Especially when she stood on high to sing for us all and bless her, she managed not to cry.

SO, finally being in our basement now, having all our stuff and having the washing machine connected, I can leave it a while in between doing the laundry (though it’s still a pleasure to do in my own machine). It does mean though, that, I have run out of bras. This morning I had to delve into the bottom drawer of the dresser and the miscellaneous posh underwear, only to find Emily’s bra is the only one with straps connected still. Today I have been thinking about Emily and my wedding and all the nice things that happened that day.

Oh and don’t worry love, the fake tan washed out in the end.

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