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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

8:53 a.m. - Time check

Our clocks changed too this weekend. We forgot as usual – the media vacuum in which we usually live almost sheltered us from even the pope’s passing. Hubby fortunately woke at 5:30am on Monday. I did the math and figured out I still had the time to only be 5 minutes late for work.

By contrast, this morning, my alarm cat went off early so I was already having whiskers thrust into my ear canal at 5:55 am and I got to work to find she had kindly removed a chunk from the end of my nose making me look like a real freak. That combined with making myself a nice salty cup of tea this morning has put be off today all together.

It’s a save everything day.

Later: There are some days you know you should go home for your own personal safety. Today was one of those day. It started off when I made myself that nice salty cup of tea and culminated in me tripping over a pallet that I was completely blind to. It was a real unexpected fall, not one where you think to yourself, "here we go" but one where you suddenly look around and think, "Why am I on the floor?".

At least there's a reason why Eric laughs at me everytime he looks at me now.

And at least this year I didn't break anything - just a few pulled muscles, a grazed knee and a scrape in my mouth where the box I was carrying knocked the pen out of my mouth and a hole in my tongue caused by my teeth.

Going home to wrap myself in cotton wool.

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