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Exciteable descriptions of a new life living in "The Best Place on Earth". The new template is more basic, more classy, tidier... so totally not me! 

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

7:21 a.m. - Text not photographs

Today I cycled to work again. It was very dusky when I left as a result of that hour-shift (what's the opposite of daylight-saving-time? Daylight wasting time?) It wasn't so dark that I needed lights. It wasn't a struggle to get out of bed since the cat was excavating her litter tray at 5:05 so I snoozed till 5:30 and left him to loll in bed.

I varied my route as an experiment to spend less time joggling in the saddle getting rear-ache. So I ended up cycling across the bottom of the PENTICTON letters (y'know like HOLLYWOOD but smaller) above the Penticton cemetary which has a beautifully smooth paved access road. New scenery - lovely - and a smooth ride. Then I saw a cute black spaniel coming hairing down its lawn towards me so I reached for the brakes thinking, "(sharp intake of breath) I'm going to run her over!" Then I realised she had far more important things on her mind than catching cyclists... She jumped up, caught her frisbie and ran off back up the hill, ears-a-flappin'. What lovely people to be kind enough to get up and acually play with their dog at 6am.

On the house front, the hand made kitchen has been delivered - as a selection of cabinets - and is stacked up in the middle of the living room so that we have to walk around it every time we come upstairs. Still no sign of tiles on the kitchen floor though so that dishwasher could take a while yet. Maybe I should search the net for a polling tool...

Do you think the builder will be finished by mid-May as scheduled? Yes/No.

Oh sod it... answers on a post-card please.

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