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Monday, April 25, 2005

7:02 a.m. - OK Silver. Two can play at that game.

I found my bike computer. So this morning I rode:

16.45km (10.3miles) in 44 mins. A chronic average speed of 22.57 kph (14mph). Actually, that's not bad for so early in the season. It's probably because it was preceeded by a frantic, heart racing 25 minutes of a) looking for my wallet and keys b) realising I was missing my bag c) thinking I'd left it on the toilet door at Wharf Park d) reaslising it was just as bad I'd left it out on the deck all night e) finding my wallet safely attached to my bike in my bike bag f) still looking for my keys, giving up and deciding they weren't in my bag when I went to the shop to buy beer so they're probably in my best jeans. I hope.

Spent the weekend doing my taxes in my shorts sitting on the deck. It was 25 degrees.

One deck is now finished so is theoretically ours except the builder wants us to stick to one end of it so we don't "get in his way". So the plants are out, the hot tub is on and Wehoo, the Canadian government owes ME money.

I like this game.

Anonymous Silver Lining said...

Humph and harrumph to you! Am about to go and run. Which will be entertaining after what amounts to very much like a week off... blah! Oh, and Adam - if you read this, email me. Please?  

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