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Thursday, April 28, 2005

12:26 p.m. - Not a golden unicorn, just a golden horse.

I managed a run at lunch. OK so it was a feeble one - but considering last night I decided there was no way I could ride my bike today and this morning I didn’t feel like running either but dressed for it just incase – I think I did pretty well. 20 minutes. Only 2 x 2 minute walk-rests and a tiny one so that I didn’t spook out a loose horse at the ranch that I jog through.

Talking of that, there’s actually a real-life golden horse at the ranch. I’ll try and photograph it one day. It’s a truly beautiful horse – blonde (I know that’s not the technical term). When the sun shines it glows gold.

I got back to my office in time to stre - - - - tch before going back to work. What luxury.

Once my legs get stronger I guess I’ll have to do my run after work but with all this nice sunny weather in the evening that’s no skin off my nose.

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