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Monday, April 18, 2005

3:42 p.m. - I think I'm turning into my dad...

On Thursday I cycled home from work (IN MY SHORTS) and when I got home I got changed and went to dig in the garden for a warm-down.

This weekend I finished digging the garden, getting the rocks out and laying 2 inches of top soil over the clayey film that lies beneath. I was so hot gardening. As I sat looking at my freshly leveled lawn (yes I was watching grass grow), leaning against a freshly painted house (watching it dry too), I realised that anyone that thinks my life's gone downhill because I spend all my time gardening is wrong. I would argue that when gardening, I get all the exercise (and some) that I used to get hiking plus the smell and the sounds of fresh air in my lungs without having to lump all the entrapments associated with making a decent brew. It's not something I ever achieved living in Altrincham's industrial area. Although the last house came close, I didn't need to do that much gardening.

At lunchtime today, just to make sure I'm keeping fit as well as strong I went for a 25 minute run up the river and around the back of the stables. There are still old railway signposts on the trails which once made up an industrial rail interchange for the fruit-growing pioneers. Thankfully now the trails are all covered in wood chippings and sawdust and the biggest engines you'll meet are one or two horse-power carrying tourists. It was pretty and sunny and now my knees ache but I'm sure it'll get easier - it does eventually I think... I seem to remember.

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