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Friday, April 01, 2005

7:15 a.m. - I rode to work again today

Question is: for the first ride of the year, do you take the short, less hilly route or take the road route where the bumps will make your backside ache less? On Tuesday I rode all the way home with my ass planted firmly on the saddle. Not because I'm super fit (because I was twiddling my teeniest gears on the hills) but because it was toooo painful in the rear end to go through the trauma of a) standing up and b) sitting back down again. No physical blue blobby marks to show for the pain either. Just that my ligaments are not accustomed to holding my legs onto the rest of my body in the face of such adversity.

This morning, as I gasped my way up the hill that starts at the end of our driveway, I suddenly realized that soon, very soon, I would have to sit on my posterior again. It wasn't soooo bad - but bad enough that this evening is going to be interesting. More clenching buttocks in an attempt to generate a reasonably firm cushion on which to sit - not easy when I'm this unfit and have discovered a recent need to eat a sizeable amount of chocolate.

I am consoling myself with the knowledge that today we have but one truck to load and so far have manufactured everything for it. Except my assistant shipper has just informed me we're short one load of obscure product and has headed off, tape measure in hand to try and find something to cut it out of. This means, however, that I might well get out of here on time - that's 3:30! It hasn't happened yet but I can hope... and it's a tail wind home so I shall be able to indulge in the luxury of getting blown home to cook a proper meal and drink the last can of Old Speckled Hen ale on sale in the Okanagan with my husband. (Old Speckled Hen is cheaper here than in England - how does that work??)

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