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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

12:07 p.m. - Gardening and exercising - the trials.

I don’t think these Canadians have the same smutty sense of humour as us English – or it’s just me. Whenever one of the forklift drivers shouts over the radio, “This Tolko truck has his tarps off”. I can’t help thinking, “Wey hey, get your tarps off!” It’s a childish thing but someone has to do it.

Well, it appears I don’t have my parents’ skills when it comes to gardening. Well, I think it’s buried deep down there in my genes somewhere, it’s just struggling to come to the surface after all these years of schooling and swanning around being a fancy consultant.

It might also be something to do with the full time job that prevented me from going home yesterday to put my seedlings inside. So they were subjected to the full force of the sun’s 25 degree rays for the duration of the day.

Many wilted, some died – right out. However, I watered them and put them in for the day today. Hopefully the builder won’t take them out whilst he’s working. Though if he does I’ll probably just be relieved that he’s made it in today and has been working – unlike yesterday.

The tomato seedlings are flourishing in the warm weather though, opening up in the day and shutting down at night. It’s encouraging. The bulbs that we planted in September are also now showing signs of colour. They’re a little bit behind every one else’s due to the large shadow cast by our neighbours’ hill. However, Roswita down the road tells me this means they’ll last longer. They'd better.

The grass seed is sulking. JUST NOT COMING UP IN THIS SUN. Bugger. No running barefoot on the lawn for me then. I will have to cope with running trainer-clad along the river channel at lunchtime.

Later: Which I did. I probably ran for about 25minutes with three walk breaks so that my knees don’t hurt again. It seems to have worked – or maybe it’s that I’ve found a better chair since last week. Anyway, hoping to manage a second ride to work tomorrow – it is “Bike to Work” week after all. When I’m running to work – then you have to start worrying about me!

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