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Friday, March 11, 2005

10:31 a.m. - It's a 7-truck Friday but I AM getting a hair cut tonight

There can’t be many communities left in the world where you can leave your yr2002 VW beetle in the driveway overnight with the boot wide open and not only does no-one steal your car, they don’t steal your rucsac, your $275 ski coat or your wellie-boots. The village we live in is one of those places. I tried it last night. Reading this, at least my mum and dad (and probably Dan and Lucy too) will be shaking their heads, thinking, “nothing changes, just the toys get more expensive”.

Last night, sleep was better because the cat stayed out all night (at least she was probably trying to get in the caravan – oops) so I didn’t have to wake up to do the necessary cat-fussing. We also switched to a quieter heater which ran all night at low setting and kept us warm and sleeping.

Just to really kick-start my day, Richard’s given me a piece of real Thornton’s treacle toffee, from the shop in Meadowhall, Sheffield. Ahh a taste of the old country, from somewhere you really couldn’t leave your car all night with the boot open.

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