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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

4:54 p.m. - It's 5pm

I have to get three men to make 3 and package 5 loads and put them on a truck. I told the driver he'd be outta here by 5pm.

I just sent another man off to Kaleden to get weighed since Berry Smith's scales said his load was too fat (he has a heated trailer on, full of fuel and a fuel tank and a beer belly and his wife who probably also has a beer belly - so there's an extra 400lbs). Can I tell him to get out and push over the US border? I wonder if he has a 4 dogs and a budgie in there too? I want to go home. I want to get the 5 loads loaded and run away before Mr Heavy comes back.

From this morning: When you cut a piece of wood you get a product and an offcut. Sometimes the offcut is obvious because it’s small and sometimes it’s not obvious because it’s big. Last night we gave instructions to machine as much product as possible. I’m not sure which is annoying me more – the fact that they only did 5 loads of product or the fact that one of those loads was a load of offcut. It's now very pretty offcut but no points from the shipping department.

Last night at home we learned that: The quality of the viewing setting doesn’t improve what’s on TV.

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