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Thursday, March 10, 2005

7:01 a.m. - 18 - Eighteen

Sitting in the office and the cleanup man has just made a scary gurgling noise as he fell sideways into the garbage can (the factory one that's about 10 ft high). I think he might've just caught his delicates on the way in.

Two nights ago I slept in Douglas. Douglas is a bed made of Douglas fir. He's a ¾ size bed and Hubby was in there too. Plus, from time to time, the cat. It was very cozy. We were in our basement. It smelt of Xylene (from the floor sealant) and the heating occasionally kicked in (for now set permanently to fierce, ferocious gale force level 3), but we couldn't hear the rain on the roof. This morning I got up and made coffee from a travel kettle connected to a 110-220V transformer and brought the milk in off the doorstep (no fridge yet) by the light of my head torch. It was like camping, but not, because we're in our own home and it's actually a bit exciting. Unlike the caravan which is now just dour and dull.

18 Is the temperature it's going to be today.

I've just shown a group of 8 Scotsmen, 2 Irishmen and one poor Englishman around the plant and got a bottle of Highland "Stag's Breath" Liqueur for my troubles. It was a Scottish tiny bottle (50ml), though it comes with a shot glass too. I can't complain about that for a day. I AM being the ISO manager today. I want NOTHING to do with 6 trucks in shipping.

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