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Thursday, February 10, 2005

8:00 a.m. - Pink fluffy house

Insulation in Canada is bizarrely "sponsored" by the pink panther. Insulation is in fact pink and comes in big pink bags with the pink panther on. There is a pile of it at the bottom of the stairs in our house making me want to jump from the top of the stairs onto the big pink pillows like something out of the "Princess Diaries" or other cheesy movie (no I haven't seen it!) Apparently it's compactly wrapped and I might hurt myself so I didn't. A lot of the insulation is unwrapped and is now adorning the walls of the house interior in all its pink fluffiness. It looks like a scene from the inside of a padded cell except there are no bars on the windows. As the fiber makes you itchy, the builder and his lad are walking around in white jay-suits and dust masks reminding me of a Beastie Boys vid. Until, in his booming (slightly muffled) Quebecois accent the builder shouted "life is fpink".

Last night we tubbed underneath an extraordinarily clear sky - the kind that British people only see in Scotland and noted the groovy effect of passing cars headlights on the steam rising from the tub. We also noted how painfully cold it is getting in to the tub and how long it takes the water to warm the skin, the skin to warm the blood and the blood to warm the exposed parts protruding from the tub (the head). Much shouting, "arcghhh, snyyyyacccgh, rpdsssttttttt" until finally the 40 degree temperature starts to soalk through.

Getting out, we noticed it was warmer inside, even though only half the room is insulated so far. Once dressed and warm again we took a walk round and the change in acoustics is astonishing. No longer do footsteps and the sound of the doors boom. It's all so much more normal. This insulation has been the biggest noticeable difference in the house yet. The doors seem like a distant memory by comparison.

What more can I say? Everyone should be able to use the comments now without being a registered user.

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