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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

5:00 p.m. - Health and Engineering

I swam a mile in 45 minutes at lunchtime then nearly died in the afternoon.

Last night I blogged so long my head hurt. It was OK since Mark had made dinner by the time I got home. How nice to just sit down and eat. We walked down to Wharf Park to use the facilities provided by the regional district and to buy a stamp. There was a very cute raccoon down at the park that came for a look at us before we freaked it out and it went to hide amongst the 3ft ice blocks still attached to the side of the lake after the deep freeze around Christmas.

No tub last night, though we should have because the TV was appalling. Builder did JACK all day from what we can tell but I'm not going "there" on "that" topic.

In companionship with my fellow blogger, I also have a bad back after hauling huge rocks out of the soil in the garden at the weekend, in an attempt to develop enough rock-free land to lay down a lawn. A pick might have been a better tool than a fork - or a few tonnes of dynamite would've done the trick. There was one rock that was too big to move (the boys were on the roof at this point so I left them to it). The best thing I could do was up-end the rock and back-fill so we now have a small monolith in the middle of the lawn. At least it's the right shape to sit on (kind of flat) but probably a perfect height for kiddies to trip over. Kids and watchful parents beware! Though, I took a running-face-plant over a 2 ft high rock in Scotland when I was 9(?) then was subsequently dropped off a bunkbed head-first by Louise Basnett (from Barnsley) hours later. It didn't do me any harm (though I did start drinking coffee soon after)!

Anyway, my achievement for the day is fixing the infeed to the shrinkwrap machine at work and finding a sensor that no-one knew existed and was screwing up the entire feed. We now no longer need an 8ft pole to push the pieces of wood onto the rollers. Just how have they been coping without me for so long? With bungee cords, G-clamps and 8-ft poles, that's how.

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