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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

8:00 a.m. - Floaters!

We have a floater in our hot tub. It's not a little poo, it's a device for slow-release of the bromine dose tablets into the water. It should have a label on it that says "TOY" since Hubby can't stop playing with it in the bath. I think we need to buy a rubber duckie, though we thought of getting a plastic poo with a flag saying "NO SWIMMING" just to make sure the builder doesn't get distracted during his working day.

Today my back no longer aches. Amazing considering the mad swimsuit-dash through a cold wind and cold puddles of rain to get to the tub last night. I was so happy to be in the tub I quickly curled into the foetal position and stubbed my toe on the wall of the tub. OW!

The fart tally for the tub is now 8 - 4. Hubby is winning.

The only other excitement in our lives last night was free stuff from the electricity company. I never seemed to qualify for freebies in the UK but last night we learned that we get $1.50 rebate for every square foot of energy-efficient glass which we put in our house and $250 for the heat pump. We haven't worked it out accurately but we're looking at getting about $700 back. We also qualified for a free "package" which Hubby picked up last night. A box full of energy efficient light bulbs including an expensive dual element light and a bug light that we wanted to get (for keeping the wasps off your dinner in the summer). There's about $150 worth of light bulbs - probably enough to serve all the fittings in our "small" Canadian house.

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