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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

8:00 a.m. - Enforced Long weekend

I've handwritten this blog from my sick-bed and struggled down to the village library to use the painfully slow internet connection. How many times do you see a bald eagle on the way to the library? I still can't get over this place.

I have flu, which started on Sunday and has kept me out of the hot tub for two whole days! We had a close call last night when Hubby slipped and fell on ice on his way into the house from the tub. Fortunately it only resulted in a bruised foot. If he'd knocked himself out it could've been a while before I'd gone out to check on him. I guess the lesson there is don't play on the ice in your undies alone!

The builder has finally finished all doors and completed the two panels of roofing outstanding. The house has a real look to it now. I'll post a picture of it as soon as I'm back in work to have Hubby email his digital photo to me. District building inspector OK'd us today. Only one more inspection before insulation goes in. Our weekend was gloriously uneventful. I had the weekend off ski work and cleaned the caravan and did the laundry. We wasted $6 on the local home-show, which did nothing more than help us to kill 20 minutes.

The good news is, it snowed here, meaning the hill has had a much-needed top-up and business always improves when there's snow in the city. I think everyone decides that if they have to shovel it, they might as well drive up the mountain and enjoy it. Temperatures are only hovering around zero degrees so none of the extremes we experienced after Christmas. It's enough to keep the mud-pit solid at least.

I suppose spring can't be far off because this morning I got text'd by mum to remind me it's pancake day. They don't really "do" Shrove Tuesday here (secular society!) but then they don't do pancakes too well either. They're more like what we call tea cakes (or pieklets if you're a Yorkshireman). Awful things. So it's crèpe Tuesday tonight for us. Where's my expensive Kenwood blender when I need it - buried in a storage unit under a ton of other stuff in town, that's where. Oh well, back to a fork and the biggest camping pot I can find. Tanya - do you remember how we used to come back to my folks' house from a night out in Manchester and make pancakes on a Saturday night? What kind of teenagers were we? Not proper ones I'm sure! Happy pancake day everyone. To Tom and Zoë - get those gnashers growing and develop a taste for lemon guys - you don't know what you're missing.

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