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Monday, February 28, 2005

5:07 PM - Cards

At the weekend we picked up our stove and Hubby sealed the basement floor so that we can start to move our stuff (until now in storage for 3 months of the last 2 years) into the basement this week...

However, if this job has its wicked way with me the following will happen:
- Mum will not get a mother's day card, letter, or present - though I'm trying my best
-Becky will never get her birthday card (three weeks late now)
-Lucy will never get happy baby wishes.

So there you are - you all got a mention.

I taught a nice lady to ski on the weekend. I perceived her as prim and proper but then I found out her hubby is an Ironman Triathlete and after short bouts of being nervous over throwing herself down a blue run ("I can't see the bottom of the hill from here!"), she got to the bottom with a very enthusiastic, "That was fun" and off we went to do it again. I think she will be back again, despite her claims that this was only a warm-up lesson for their week in (snow deprived) Whistler. Say hello to the woman who's just discovered her kids are old enough to enjoy group ski lesson and she can have a laff with another crazy female on the weekend whilst her husband goes running. "Rock on - housework sucks", as they say here.

Can I manage to stop by the storage unit tonight to fill the boot of my VW bug with C**p to put in the basement? Unsure - I will base it on whether I remember to hang a right at Industrial Avenue.

Anonymous Silver Lining said...

Yay for getting stuff out of storage!

And happy babies to Lucy, too :)

I'm going to Alty Grammar in the morning, on my way to work... just thought you might like to know!

Love, V xx  

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