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Friday, February 18, 2005

8:36 a.m. - Angel's-bum

An angel came to our house on Wednesday in the form of a big burly 40-something year old builder looking for work. After some heated negotiations, our builder agreed to offer him $12 an hour to help build our home and finally work is progressing faster than if Hubby were doing it himself - single handed. We now have drywall (like plaster) on all of our ceilings and likely on most of our walls by the end of today.

It's going up impressively quickly. Last year Hubby built a small kitchen wall in the last house in a weekend. I thought that was fast! That was built with 4 x 8 sheets of drywall but our builder is on to the 4 x 14 sheets. They take three men to lift them but, my god(!) they fill up the wall space quickly. They're screwed to the wall (that's the quick part) but then the seams, screw holes and nooks and crannies (corners etc.) have to be mudded and sanded repeatedly to get a nice finish. That's the bit that takes a month to do. BUT in the meantime, the house is sealed, insulated and the heater is running so it's a comfortable 15 degrees inside during the day. We still can't really move in to it as it will be dusty for a while, then it will smell of paint and there's also no complete bathroom but we do have our shower up and running. Yesssss. What a difference this is going to make to our lives.

Yesterday I did my first lumber inventory in the yard. I counted 2209 loads of wood in a temperature of -1 (-6 with windchill). I was wearing the wrong trousers (gromit!) and had to come inside twice to warm up as I could no longer count the loads stacked in fours... 4,8,12,15,18,23,doh!, 4,8,14, doh! Still, I got about the right numbers so new boss is happy.

So now the happy job of hiring two new employees to work Monday and the unhappy job of informing the unsuccessful candidate. Suddenly I'm the evil employer that thinks everyone should stick with their current job for more than 3 months before throwing in the towel.

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